About Flaviani Investigations

Flaviani Investigations is a multi-faceted investigation and security consulting firm that serves corporations, insurance companies, law firms, individuals and their families. We provide investigative solutions to complex problems. Flaviani Investigations has been highly successful in providing evidence and proof for our clients. If you have a specific situations that needs attention please contact us by phone or email.


Paul D. Flaviani has 16 years experience in the investigative and security field. He was formerly an officer with the Pontiac Police Department, where he specialized in narcotics, gang activities, interviewing/interrogation, fugitive apprehension and surveillance, both uniform and in an undercover capacity. He has continued his investigative expertise into the private sector, conducting surveillance for insurance fraud, infidelity cases, and criminal cases. He has great success in locating and interviewing hard to find, reluctant witnesses. Provided expert personal protection to local celebrities. He has conducted long-term undercover operations, uncovering narcotics abuse and trafficking in the manufacturing sector, using his expert narcotics training and experience.

Mr. Flaviani continues to stay up-to-date on all pertinent legal issues, believes in continued education and training to meet our challenging environment and, most importantly, provide the best knowledge and service to his clients.