Infidelity Investigator in Detroit, MI

Occasionally, even good and faithful spouses find themselves doubting the fidelity and honesty of their partners in Detroit, MI. Infidelity investigators are available from Flaviani Investigations to help provide peace of mind while bringing forth new evidence and justice.

We offer a comprehensive set of professional surveillance services including photography, audio eavesdropping, computer monitoring and vehicle tracking. We find hidden assets and can even reveal the identity of the individual involved in your spouse's infidelity. Divorce proceedings greatly benefit from our detailed evidence and keep your best interests in mind while protecting the rights of you and your family members.

Suspecting that your spouse or partner is unfaithful is emotionally devastating but can be the first step you take toward a better life for you and your children. When the signs are just too hard to ignore, don't delay, give our team of professionals a call. We can help you shake nagging suspicions and sleep better at night.

Contact Flaviani Investigations today for more information about our state of the art equipment and technologies available to clients in Detroit, MI. Infidelity investigators are fully licensed, insured and bonded and provide 100% confidentiality guaranteed. We are experts in physical surveillance with specialized backgrounds in social networking and undercover law enforcement. We offer secured files and can help bring peace of mind by providing truth and justice for any situation.